Welcome to the Project ImPACT Online Tutorial, an interactive e-­learning course designed to introduce providers to the Project ImPACT program and curriculum. Project ImPACT is recognized as one of the most effective coaching programs for parents of young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related social communication delays. The dynamic e-learning platform intermixes didactic instruction with rich video examples, interactive exercises, and quizzes to support conceptual and applied learning.

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This six-hour tutorial consists of 11 modules, which present the rationale and support for parent-mediated intervention, an overview of the Project ImPACT program and its coaching models, strategies for engaging and coaching parents, the Project ImPACT F.A.C.T.S. intervention strategies, and the behavior management strategies used to address challenging behavior.

The modules use a rich mix of didactic elements and video examples and to teach key concepts. In addition, each lesson includes interactive exercises and quizzes to help participants apply the concepts they have just learned.